Testing email's locally with HELO

As developers, we always look for the next tool that will not only increase our productivity, but also allow us to do certain tasks easier. If you are a developer, you also know the hassle of having 20+ tabs open in your browser, either for the project you're working on, or multiple StackOverflow windows, or even Twitter. It can become overwhelming and selecting tabs is simply, tedious.

You might already be using a local mail such as Mailhog or MailTrap, however again, these are more tabs open in your browser. This is where HELO comes into the picture.

What is HELO?

HELO is a tool used created by Beyond Code to capture, test and debug emails locally. Think about Mailtrap or Mailhog, but a local application running on your Mac, Windows or Linux computer.

What does it do?

There is many features that comes with HELO, ranging from the ability to capture local emails and see them almost in real-time. You also get the ability to have unlimited mailboxes to work with. It also offers an inbuilt Spam Report, meaning you know roughly if your mail is going to land in spam folders once your application goes into production. You can also check for broken links in your emails, directly from the tool.

With that being said, you also get a lot more features, check this screenshot from their website below:

But, what's the cost?

Well, for the amount of features, the prices are extremely good. There is two price tiers, from £11.99, and £23.99. Recently, we bought the professional license for £23.99 and it's some of the best money we have ever spent.

So, should I get HELO?

Short answer, YES! Long answer... 100% YES. As developers, we always want to improve our work, productivity and the tools we use, and HELO is a great solution for everyone.

If you want to check it out, they also have a trial here

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