Cloudflare Takes Affirmative Action with Ukraine, Belarus and Russia

As the world watched the unwarranted and inhumane Russian invasion of Ukraine Cloudflare was monitoring the situation and decided to take steps to ensure the safety of their employees, customers, their network and Ukraine safe.

Cloudflare had noticed that even before the invasion began there had been cyber-attacks and DDoS against Ukraine.

Cloudflare began to extend their services to the Ukrainian government and telecom organisations for free. Cloudflare also took any Ukrainian entities under their wing via their Project Galileo [insert link] giving the Ukrainian entities access to Cloudflare’s full suite of their protection and are currently assisting more than sixty organisations in Ukraine with approximately 25% of these organisations coming onboard during the invasion.

Cloudflare was also concerned with protecting their customers data during this time of unrest so they moved their encryption key material out of the data centres in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. They continued their services in the regions by utilising their Keyless SSL technology which allowed encryption sessions to be terminated in a secure data centre to minimise risk of compromise. In the event that any of their facilities or servers in those regions lose connectivity to the internet the servers will brick themselves with will not be able to be booted unless a secure machine-specific key that is not stored on the site is entered.

Not only are Cloudflare ensuring the safety of Ukrainian internet but they are also doing their part to ensure that they are complying government mandated sanctions on Russia and Belarus. Cloudflare developed a sanctions compliance programme that allowed them to track and take steps to comply with any new sanctions that are implemented. Cloudflare has been working with various government bodies to identify any Cloud flare accounts tied with any sanctioned entity.

Cloudflare has spotted an increase in Russian blocking and throttling efforts to control the content of the media operating inside Russia with a new “fake news law”. Over the lasts several years the Russian government has threatened repeatedly to block certain Cloudflare services and customers. Cloudflare believe that terminating the service to Russian would not only be celebrated by the Russian Government as a means of controlling the “fake news” but in fact that it would increase the vulnerability of those who have used Cloudflare to shield themselves as they criticise their government for their actions.

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Our hearts and thoughts are with every Ukrainian who is facing unknown horrors and having to flee their homes in the name of freedom, peace and safety.

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